We are proud to offer you a select choice of excursions that we feel can’t be missed while you are in Montenegro. Our menu contains a variety of cultural excursions which will introduce you to the rich history of this country. Starting with the UNESCO sites “Kotor and Perast”, which are beautiful medieval towns influenced by the Venetians, you can continue on to the old Royal Capital “Cetinje” with its museums and monasteries.

If you wish to explore the natural beauty of Montenegro do not miss the bay of Kotor, a Scandinavian-style Fjord, the Karst region with Mount Orjen & Lovcen and the National parks, with their gorgeous peaks, glacial lakes, rivers, canyons, forests and villages.

From the sea you will experience the breathtaking Montenegrin coastline with its lovely pebble and sand beaches, nestled against the dramatic backdrop of the mountains. Montenegro’s cuisine is famous for its fresh, organic ingredients. You will have the opportunity to dine in the finest seafood restaurants; in old taverns in the mountains which offer a variety of meat plates and cheeses; or a lake restaurant with the unique Montenegrin specialty of Smoked Carp. Let us not forget about accompaniments to the meal… Montenegro produces some fine wines, including Vranac, a full bodied, dry red wine with a fruity bouquet. We can arrange a wine tasting of regional wines in our outlets or in the best Montenegrin vineyards.

We hope you enjoy discovering our country as much as we enjoy presenting it to you.