Hotel Zeta restaurant, with panoramic sea view, serves the fusion of flavors to suit every palate, lovingly prepared by our chefs. You are guaranteed an unforgettable taste experience, outstanding service as well as professional dishes with clean lines.

This is a place to escape the cares of the day with a healthy or hearty breakfast, a quick or leisurely lunch; a casual dinner with friends or a candlelit dinner with one special friend with a stunning view on the sea.

Hotel Zeta’s restaurant reflects the owner’s philosophy of being inclusive rather that exclusive, and celebrates style over fashion, in everything from the décor, to the food, to the style of service.

The chefs of the restaurant had an internship in the Netherlands with one of the best chefs of Europe Stefan van Sprаng, the owner of two Michelin stars. He also owns the development of menus, training of personnel and constant monitoring.

There is no better place to discover best quality wines, exotic cocktails and a range of carefully selected beers from our bar located on the ground floor.

The cooks of the restaurant had the internship in the Netherlands with one of the best bosses of Stefan van Sprang outside the sprinkle of the owners of two Michelin stars. They also have the development of staff training menus and continuous monitoring.

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